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I cannot recommend anyone better!! If you need help buying OR selling Verna is the go to. She has facilitated both a large complicated sale as well as a home buy for me. In both circumstances issues arose and she handled them swiftly, professionally and put me at ease. She is an excellent communicator and you will find no one who will be a stronger advocate for her client than Verna. She goes above and beyond the call of duty as an agent. Verna will forever be my only call when it comes to real estate! Thank you Verna.

- Sunday S.

You know you picked the right agent when a sticky situation arises POST CLOSING, that could easily cause months of agony, and your funds locked down indefinitely. Verna swiftly handled this potentially disastrous situation calmly and effectively, and made it right like only a true pro could do. Thank you Verna!

- Charles D.

Verna and I have been doing business together for about 10 years and she has sold over 7 properties of mine. She is confident, professional and reliable. She is, in her field, a ‘rare breed’ and can be completely trusted. I have recommended Verna many times and will continue to do so. You may not always enjoy her honesty but it is definitely something to always consider because she knows and understands her field.

- Judith G.

Verna’s service was superb from beginning to end. Seamless, stress -free. Everything was handled most professionally. Our property sold almost immediately due to the attractive widespread advertisement, and the professionally managed open house. We were kept up- to- date all along the way until the final recording and the transfer of the title. I recommend Verna Helbling without any reservation.

- Riki B.